Specializing in putting the needle in the groove of your chakras, getting down with your down dog, and spiritualized syncopation.

In DJ Chakra Khan's universe, the dance floor is as activating as the yoga studio, the studio as silky as the floor. In her classes, the award-winning studio owner and world-traveling instructor redefines "yoga music" on a weekly basis, dropping knowledge culled from her other life as a vinyl record collector and community radio programmer. She brings this mindfulness and meticulous music curation with her to clubs and house parties, where her smooth, sultry, and spontaneous sets cover a spectrum of sound encompassing indie, electronic, funk, reggae, hip-hop and a healthy dose of old school hits from the 80s and 90s. Roll out your mat or roll out to the club and explore your edges with Chakra Khan.

In the non-vinyl realm, follow Marisa Weppner on Spotify for access to the playlist for her weekly radio show Toast n Jam, Thursdays from 9 - 12 pm, on Radio Boise, KRBX, and a full selection of yoga class playlists.

photo by Megan Kathleen, Wanderlust 2014
 Photo by Megan Kathleen



Jan 20: With Magic Giant @ The Neurolux

June 2: With Digisaurus @ Funky Taco

Aug 15 -20: Udaya Live